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Published on October 26th, 2011 | by 99Covers Team


How to get the new Facebook Timeline?

One of the most unique websites on the Internet today is Facebook. As one of the most popular social media websites, Facebook is continuously on the prowl for unique ways of displaying their website. Each and every day they are adding a new feature or new idea to Facebook and the newest innovation is called Facebook Timeline. As you can imagine, Facebook has been constantly changing. If you imagine what Facebook started as and picture it now – they will be few and far between. This is how people should be viewing the new Facebook and what it will look like in the future. This is where Facebook Timeline comes in.

Now, Facebook Timeline is not the same as the regular Facebook page – in fact it is very unique in many ways. The way Facebook looks today is definitely unique and has many different advantages that people love about it. This is one of the main reasons why Facebook is not going to automatically automate the new Facebook Timeline into everyone’s account. Another reason that they will not automatically implement the new Facebook Timeline into everyone’s account is because of the fact that many people are still adapting the Facebook as it is. However, there are also many people that are unhappy with the way Facebook is today – because they find it hard to use and very clustered. This is where the new Facebook Timeline comes in because they get rid of the boarders on the outside of the Facebook wall, spreading out the information on the home page. Another advantage of the Facebook Timeline is the fact that you can add another form Facebook profile picture – the Facebook Timeline cover.

The Facebook Timeline cover is a very unique feature that allows users to further express their personalities through a ‘cover’ page – or cover photo. As you can imagine, this Facebook Timeline cover acts like a cover page of a document; it is the first thing that people see when they open up your profile page. This cover can be customized in a number of different ways, too, For example, if you have a favorite sports team or athlete, you can use a ‘cover’ to display your affection towards that team or athlete. This way, when someone logs onto your Facebook homepage they will know that you are a fan of that specific team or athlete.

Unfortunately, this innovative Facebook Timeline is not available (or released) yet. In order to get this Facebook Timeline, you will have to either;

  • Access a blog that gives you the necessary steps to download the current version
  • Wait it out and let Facebook release the new technology
  • Find a way to create your own cover that will be similar to Facebook Timeline

Other than these options, you may not have many other options. Most people are being patient and waiting it out. However, for those people who simply cannot wait for the release of Facebook Timeline, you can use these tips or research online for a way to get it.

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