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Published on July 10th, 2012 | by 99Covers Team


Get more friends on Facebook

So you want to make new friends?

Why not use the largest social networking site in the world, Facebook.

Step 1  

Find friends through other friends. Click through your friend’s list of friends and add others to your own list. By searching through your friend’s list you will find many people that you know and can connect with.

Step 2

Ask people if you can add them on Facebook. When you meet someone in real life, ask them if you can add them on Facebook. It’s a much better way to connect with people rather than asking for their number or email address. Plus when you add them on Facebook you will have access to that information, if they choose to put it on their profile.

Step 3

Join groups. Join groups that you are genuinely interested in. Ex. Kobe Bryant Fans. Join that group, contribute some comedic Kobe facts. Then add people who respond/comment on your stuff.

Step 4

Use apps. If you are looking for random new friends then try using an app such as Penpal. Where you will others who are also looking for random new friends.

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