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Published on October 26th, 2011 | by 99Covers Team


What Is Facebook?

When looking in the paper or listening to the buzz around town, Facebook is typically one of the topics that is being talked about. Ever since the implementation of Facebook in 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg, social media has been changed. Thanks for the creative mind of Zuckerberg and a group of his genius friends, people today are more connected to their friends and family. This idea has changed the world in so many different ways – someone in Africa can now talk to a family member in America with the click of a mouse. On top of this, someone in Europe can be friends, maybe even date, someone that lives in Russia, all thanks to Facebook. As you can see, the creation of Facebook has not only changed the way people look at social media but the way the people are connected all around the world.

Each and every day, millions of people login and use Facebook. In fact, Facebook has become so popular it is a lifestyle for many people. By this I mean that some people literally depend on Facebook to find out information, make new friends and keep in touch with their family. This may sound negative but the world is changing and the Internet is becoming more accessible to people all around the world. Without the creating of Facebook, this may not be the case. This fact, alone, shows the power and importance of Facebook on the technology we have today.

As you can imagine and probably witnessed, Facebook was not always a social media giant. In fact, it stated as a local college-wide media site where people could network with their college community. However, the popularity spread and word spread to local colleges in the area and so on – the rest is history.

Among the general purpose of Facebook, the overall layout of Facebook has also changed. At first, the Facebook profile was the most popular feature. Even though Facebook was accessible to anyone, there were still no status updates or constant profile picture updates. Yes – no status updates, could you imagine? Well, in 2004 the sole purpose of Facebook was to be able to connect with your friends and meet new friends through their friends. However, through the process of time Facebook transformed into a social media giant and is now the most widely used media site throughout the world. Some of the new features that have added on to the old Facebook are:

  • Facebook chat; which allows people to talk to their friends from anywhere via text or typing
  • Facebook video; which connects people through video chat
  • Facebook wall; which allows you to see what all of the activities your friends are doing
  • The “Like” button; which gives you the option to ‘like’ an activity, photo or status of a friend
  • … and the ease of changing your profile picture as well as uploading and naming albums

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