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Published on October 26th, 2011 | by 99Covers Team


How to Facebook

Facebook has evolved greatly over the past decade, from a fledgling social media company that was formed in a Harvard dorm room to a social media service that caters to more than 500 million people worldwide. It would not have grown this extensively without offering a service that people didn’t like; Facebook has essentially created and defined the newest and most quickly moving industry the world has ever seen. Most people are well aware of how to use Facebook but for those that don’t you will find an explanation of how to use it below.

The most used function of Facebook is the newsfeed – for those that don’t know how to Facebook, this is where your Facebook messages and posts on peoples’ walls are shown to all of your other Facebook friends. This allows people who wouldn’t normally look at your profile to see what you’re doing and what is going on in your life. It enables you to have a better grasp of what is going on in the world as well because you have the ability to see other peoples’ posts, which often contain the latest breaking news and happenings.

During the process of learning how to Facebook, you should be aware of that fact that most things you do on Facebook can be seen by other people (depending on your privacy settings). So before you begin using Facebook be sure to change your profile settings to adhere to your personal comfort in letting other people see what’s going on in your life. This brings us to your personal page. When learning how to Facebook, setting up your Facebook page is one of the first things you should do. Some of the things you should put on your personal page are the following:

  • Name
  • Occupation
  • Birthday
  • Hobbies

Another thing you should consider when learning how to Facebook is how to chat with your friends. Facebook’s chat feature is very popular because it enables users to talk to each other while still on Facebook; in the past, you’d have to use many different applications to talk to your friends and perform social tasks at the same time. Now, you are able to write Facebook messages, write on peoples’ walls, set up events and much more while chatting to your friends – all without leaving Facebook. You should learn how to Facebook as soon as possible because of the above reasons but also because without it you would be shut off from the rest of the social world.

One of the last reasons that you need for learning how to Facebook is because it enables you to stay up-to-date on all of the latest happenings and events – oftentimes, people post statuses that concern world events, sporting outcomes, etc. that keep you posted on what is going on. Essentially, Facebook is an informal newspaper that lists the trending topics and shows you what your friends are interested in. Just make sure you have the right friends so you get the right news!

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